Operational/Technical Reasons

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The main reason which is acknowledged by both suppliers and users of our service is it acts as a “damage prevention” service, almost like insurance. The key to this is to be able to provide a copy of the analysis and recommendations prior to the vessel having to use the fuel.

There are three main categories which reports cover concerning technical matters

  • Fuel is “On Spec”
  • Fuel is “Non-critically Off Spec”
  • Fuel is “Critically Off Spec”


Fuel is "On Spec"

The test result indicates that the fuel is within specification (usually compared to the generally accepted standard for purchase and sale of marine fuel oil, ISO8217 or to a clients preferred specification). In most cases, the parties concerned will have confidence that the vessel in question should be able to burn that fuel without difficulty.


Fuel is Non-critically "Off Spec"

The test results indicate that one or more test parameters are marginally off-specification so that decisions can be made with expert support from the fuel testing provider as to how best to handle the fuel. Assuming that only non-critical parameters are only marginally off-specification the vessel should be able to handle the fuel by following the technical advice offered both by the testing agency and by the vessel technical department.


Fuel is Critically "Off Spec"

In the most serious of cases where critical parameters are off-specification other advice will be supplied by the testing agency. In the very worst cases, advice will be given that a fuel should not be used and a claim will be recommended to be lodged against the supplier of the fuel.

It must however be noted that a de-bunkering of the vessel should always be the last resort. However, there are some cases where there are no other options and no possible fuel treatment possibilities such that burning of the fuel may lead to serious damage to the ships engines.

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